:: How to Access Loan / Group / Micro Loans

To access MASLOC loans, one must go through the following processes:

1.Submit a written application to any of our District Offices near you, stating the loan amount and the purpose of the loan.

2.You will be invited by one of our Loan Officers for preliminary assessment; You will be advised on best practices, MASLOC’s interest rates (1% per Month) and other information you need to know will be given to you.

3.Should you qualify for the loan, your loan application will be processed; and For MFIs, MDAs, NGOs, Banks etc. A business plan or proposal will be required.

4.Under the micro-credit scheme, the main beneficiaries are groups/cooperative societies, each consisting of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25 members. An individual within a group can access a minimum of GHC100 to a maximum of GHC1000.The group solidarity mechanism is applied in this credit scheme. This means the whole group is held liable for the repayment of the loan. Thus, until every member within the group has finished paying, the group is considered not to have paid back their loan.

5.All MASLOC loans are for a short period not exceeding 12 (twelve) months within which they have to be re-paid with interest. Thus, economic activities of long gestation periods are not supported.


  • "We are committed to growing and developing small and micro businesses through the provision of sustainable microfinance, small loans and business services to Ghanaian entrepreneurs."

  • "MASLOC provides micro and small loans for start-ups and small businesses with fast, easy and accessible microcredit and small loans to grow and expand their businesses as well as to enhance job and wealth creation."

  • "The objective of MASLOC is to provide, manage and regulate on fiduciary basis, approved funds for microfinance and small scale credit schemes and programmers and also serve as the apex body of the microfinance sub sector. "